COMMUNITYIf you want to learn more about sport charity foundation that we are all a part of then you must not forget to get more info on the Club Doncaster Community! Our community is made up of people who are willing to participate in this with us and dedicate everything they have to this cause that is developing sense of community in the sport charity foundation. We are here to make a difference in charity as well as in sports, and we are very dedicated to doing so. Our community is filled with extraordinary people who are a part of a community that gives back to the community.

Club Doncaster Community Foundation works alongside Doncaster Rovers FC and Doncaster Rugby League to bring professional sport into the local community.  We work locally with a wide range of partners to provide sport and physical activity opportunities to a wide range of people.  Our key projects focus on:

Increasing participation and opportunities to take part in sport and physical activity

  • Providing high quality school sport
  • Improving health & well being
  • Youth Engagement

For more information about the work we do in the Doncaster community or to find out what activities are in your local area, contact the Community Team.